We pride ourselves on supplying professional DJ’s to make your celebration a night to remember.  To assist them please fill in the form below.  Whilst we will do our very best to play all of your requests we do reserve the right to ‘play to the crowd’ to ensure your party is the best it can be.  You do not have to fill the entire evening with your playlist, feel free to only supply the First Dance for example and leave the rest to the DJ.  


There is of course a set amount of time, and the average disco would be between 50-70 songs.

  • Please be aware that some artists (Frank Sinatra for instance) release different versions/arrangements of their songs, if you are unsure about this (particularly for your first dance) please speak to the office before your event.

  • It is always useful to have a ‘flavour’ of the types, styles or eras of music you and your guests like. Please let us know in the notes below.

  • Specific ethnic/folk/specialist music may be supplied to the DJ in the form of a Flash Drive/Memory Stick.

  • Please list any song that you particularly do not want the DJ to play in case of sad memories etc.