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Here, a few options available to you to peruse at you leisure.

Although not accessible from our website please feel free to pass the link around to your friends and family if you wish to have their input and ideas for your special day.

As always we are only an email or telephone call away.

email: Tel: 01296 658222

Hover over the images for a description and click to enlarge.

Up-Lighting The Central Hall

The Beautiful Central Hall at Hedsor House is used for both your ceremony and your party after dinner.  With the addition or change of lighting colour your guests will be astounded as they walk back through.

Lighting 'Gobo' Break Ups 

Used to add 'Texture' to a room these break ups can be projected on to walls or floors to add an element of movement to any room.  Although they can be customised to your choice here are a few our standard break ups.


Large Bubbles


Small Bubbles

Mirror Ball

Add a little sparkle to your party with a Mirror Ball.  Set up in the morning and slid away for your ceremony add this highlight to your Disco or Band performance.

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