Pinewood Studios are the benchmark for audio and visual production, world dominating, historically treasured and forerunners in the developing arts.  This venue exudes class, steeped in both myth and legend, with stars from all genres of the movie scene creating history.


Quite simply Iconic.


Class Act have been privileged to supply AV production and support to this behemoth of an institution, providing clients with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail, delivering on time and on budget. 


So, why marry at Heatherden Hall?


Simple, you will also be part of this rich history.  You will walk where the stars of the past, present and future walk.  You can experience the hustle and bustle of Pinewood as soon as you enter the gates, then into the opulent tranquillity of the Hall, absorbing the atmosphere whilst making this yours for the day.


There are many ways to enjoy the essence of the setting, incorporating the prestige and glamour into your own wedding, adding your personality.  That’s where we come in.  We know the venue inside out and have literally been there and done it!  The features within the rooms and theatre are amazing and have all had the Class Act touch at some time.  This is why we feel qualified to offer several wedding experiences which will suit not only budget, but will fulfil your brief and ensure your wishes translate to a wonderful wedding day experience, never to be repeated , bettered or forgotten


We have created three packages to help you get the most from your day at Pinewood Studios:

The Performer - A disco and DJ with subtle up-lighting of the ballroom with the DJ on the stage as the day progresses and the light dims the up-lighter around the room (in colours of your choice) will start to bring the Ballroom into its own as a centre for your celebrations.

The Star - Using the Pools Theatre as your 'party zone' this flagship package give you everything you need within a budget.  Imagine the long wall of the Pools Theatre twinkling with stars, and the room glowing in the colour of your choice as you walk in for your first dance.  A chequed black and white dance floor is awaiting as your guests gather around and the DJ on the stage starts to play your special song.  From your bright and sunny day evening falls and the bar and ballroom start to glow in complimentary colour as you and your guests mix and mingle toasting your fine day.

The Icon - A fully bespoke service Lighting, Sound, DJs, Dance Floors in fact anything your hearts desire.  We will guide you through every aspect of the production element of your special day.