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Choose Your Colour Palette

Shown below are some examples of colours for use with the up-lighters.

Please feel free to use this grid to pick your colours - let us know your choice(s) and we will "light up your life".

Examples of these Colours "In Action"

Hedsor House – Party Builder

Our Classic Package for your wedding at Hedsor House includes:

Central Hall Up-lighting – Downstairs, Upstairs and Ceiling Wash. Lighting the Dining Room. PA sytem with Radio Microphone and 3.5mm input jack/lightning connector(for most standard playback devices) in the Ballroom. Black & White Dance Floor.

Whilst this Classic Package will bring Hedsor House to life for your celebration there are many things that we can do to make your day extra special.

Please feel free to check out the list below to select your hearts desire for your celebration at Hedsor House.  


Hit the submit button and we will get back to you soon.

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