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Central Hall Colour Slider

Below there are two slide shows, by sliding images left and right you can come up with almost endless combinations for your central hall colour pallet.

Feel free to play to your hearts content then let us know the colours that suit your event.

Hedsor House Central Hall Full Colour Wash

Recommended Daytime Colours 

We would recommend these for your daytime palette as they are the brightest of the colour choices.

Recommended Evening Colours 

We would recommend these colours for your evening palette as they help to add atmosphere for the celebration party.

Lighting 'Gobo' Break Ups 

Used to add 'Texture' to a room these break ups can be projected on to walls or floors to add an element of movement to any room.  Although they can be customised to your choice here are a few our standard break ups.


Large Bubbles


Small Bubbles

All images are copyright class act 2024 all rights reserved.  Images shown are for representation only colours may vary due to screen type. 

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